How to Buy Lingerie: Guide for Men

Dianes Lingerie's How To Buy Lingerie: Guide for Men

A practical guide to buying lingerie for your partner

Step 1: The Size

If you’re planning to purchase lingerie, knowing your partner’s size is important. If she has shopped at Dianes Lingerie there is a good chance we have her size information on file. If she is in the customer database move on to Step 2. If she’s not on file there are a few options available to you. Option one is to take a sneak peek at one of her bras, panties or clothing items and note the size. Option one is only recommended for those in long-term relationships and for those with live-in partners. Please do not attempt option one after only a few weeks of dating.

eautiful, sexy styles available from Dianes LingerieFor option two, a bra fitter at Dianes Lingerie can help you make an educated guess. This will allow you to put an actual gift under the tree instead of a gift card. Your partner can then come in for a fitting and take advantage of our holiday return policy.

Option three would be to choose a sleepwear item like a chemise or robe or a collection of panties. There is less room for error in sizing for these items.

Option four is the Gift Card. When you give a Dianes Lingerie gift card, you are giving her more than just a gift. You are giving an experience. Our expert bra fitters and lingerie stylists are dedicated to giving her the best experience possible. Being fit into the right bra or lingerie item will leave her feeling supported, comfortable and confident.

Step 2: The Style

There are many lingerie styles to choose from. Here are some examples of your lingerie style options.

  1. Bra and Panty sets:

NK-iMode 5974-M100-Chemise Black_-available-now-at-Dianes-Lingerie-Vancouver-BC-Canada

  1. Sleepwear:
    • There are lots of options like chemises, gowns, robes and PJs in various styles. The NK iMode chemise is a classic. The chemise is a silk and lace combination, a truly luxurious and romantic gift. A second popular option is the flannel PJ. It’s a cozy, comfortable choice that can be personalized with a fun print.
  1. Panties:
    They make great stocking stuffers. I would recommend Hanky Panky. The collection has thongs, boyshorts and briefs available in sexy lace in a rainbow of colors.

Step 3: The Experience

When you step into our great shop, Dianes Lingerie, there is a lot to take in. We’re so glad you came in though and can’t wait to help you find something special for your partner. Have a browse around the store. There are gowns, chemises, PJs, robes and panties on display. Keep in mind we do have more styles and sizes available though. There are select bras on display but our whole selection isn’t out. This is where the help of a saleswoman is important. She will help you successfully navigate the world of lingerie.

After taking a browse, connect with a saleswoman. Let her know if you are looking for a bra & panty set, sleepwear or panties. She will then try to determine your partner’s size. The sizing will affect the selection she can show you, especially in bras because each brand has a different size range available. So she needs the size established before she can show you the lingerie selection. She may then ask a few questions about style and color preferences. After collecting all of the relevant information she will bring out some amazing options for your partner. Be open to new styles and colors, it’s good to see all the options. Now comes the best part of the experience, choosing the special gift for your partner. Browse the gorgeous lingerie and go with your gut instinct, the one you know you both will love.

Once you select the gift, the cashier will process your purchase, provide a gift receipt and wrap the gift in a sexy, black Dianes Lingerie gift bag sealed with bright ribbon.

angela-chamoun-lingerie-buyer-for-dianes-lingerieAbout Angela
Angela started out as a professional bra fitter and is now the Lingerie Buyer for Dianes Lingerie and writes the articles for Notes from a Lingerie Buyer, a section of Bra Talk, a Dianes Lingerie Blog.


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